Refurbishment & Modernisation

Northern Escalator Installations LLP can fully refurbish and modernise an existing escalator to a client’s specification, either on-site or at our purpose built warehouse in the North of England.

From a basic internal and external clean down through to the replacement of major parts such as gearboxes, drive motors, steps and panels. Even as far as the shortening or lengthening of an existing escalator.

Our experience allows us to complete work faster and more efficiently thus reducing downtime and inconvenience to our customers.

Full Refurbishment

An alterative to the replacement of an existing escalator can be a full or even part refurbishment and modernisation service. This can offer savings in a number of areas such as the attendant planning application, architectural costs and at the same time mechanically and aesthetically extend the life of an existing machine.

For a more detailed breakdown of this service please contact one of our support team who will be more than happy to talk you through the benefits of this service.

Major on-site Repairs

Specializing in escalators, Northern Escalator Installations LLP also undertakes any major on–site repairs to all leading manufacturers escalators and elevators, such as gearboxes, drive motors etc.

With a large fleet of highly qualified mobile engineers available around the clock, our extensive level of expertise allows us to provide a faster and more efficient service, keeping our customers on the move.


Existing escalators can be shorted or lengthened to accommodate major reconstruction work within a variety of client premises. Northern Escalator Installations LLP has a proven track record of such complex undertakings. This can be on-site or via full removal to Northern Installations purpose built escalator assembly facility.

Through Northern Escalator Installations LLP dedicated project management program, they are able to advise clients on, feasibility of shortened or lengthened escalators, cost benefits, impact on business during down time, H&S, together with realistic lead time on completion.

Escalator Aesthetics

Northern Escalator Installations LLP has a dedicated team of trained staff who specialize in providing a range of quality and efficient escalator cleaning services across the UK.

Each team is fully equipped with state-of–the art cleaning machines which provide a professional high quality finish to any escalator, improving H&S, public hygiene, operational efficiency and visual appearance.

Our escalator cleaning service is fast and efficient, causing minimum disruption and inconvenience to our customers.

Off Site Step/Pallet Re-Furbishment

In addition to on site step/pallet refurbishment, we have the facility  and equipment to carry out off site cleaning and painting.

We remove the Steps/Pallets from the Escalator on site and deliver to our premises. Steam clean and degrease steps. The steps/ pallets are then painted to the customer specification, silver/ Black etc. Yellow demarcation lines can then be added as the customer specifies. On return to site the Steps/ Pallets are re-fitted and the Escalator is run tested and returned to service.

Step/Pallet Anti-Slip Process

We can also carry out an anti-slip process to Step/ Pallets as required. The Steps/Pallets are removed from site and delivered to our premises. Steam clean and degrease the Steps/ Pallets. They then undergo the Anti-Slip process. Briefly comprising of a ceramic coating applied to the Step/Pallet called Thermion TH604. This is a twin wire arc spray which leaves a composite coating of Aluminium and ceramic on the step surfaces.